Top 5 Considerations Before Signing a Lawn Care Service

If this is the first year you are considering hiring a lawn care service or are in need of a change from the same crappy service year after year, here are the TOP 5 things to consider before  hiring a lawn care provider. These recommendation are not the guaranteed way to hire the most stellar lawn care provider around, but since this is a business that practically anyone can start up there are some things to watch out for.  I will admit and know for a fact that Cory's Lawn Service may not be the best fit for what you're looking for, but after being in the business for some time I can tell you some things to look out for and avoid so you can hire a service that does fits your needs. 1.) Talk to your Neighbors:

There is still no better way to find a good business than through word of mouth. Whether its a restaurant or a vacation spot we don't trust anything more that what others have to say.  Have you noticed that your neighbors use a lawn care services? Be a nice neighbor and bring over a plate of cookies and ask them how they ended up choosing the service they currently use, how they like them, and what downfalls there have been to using the service.

2.) Hire Someone with a Business License:

If you're hiring little Timmy from down the street who is trying to make money to go to summer camp this year then ignore this one and have the kid wash your car as well. But if you're hiring a small business to take care of your property this year, then that's what they should be, a licensed small business which all business are required to places in a visible spot for anyone to see. This insures you that they are registered with the state and city in case of any injury or damage is done to your property they will be easy to find and are most likely insured as well.

3.) Hire who you trust:

Almost all lawn care providers will come to your home for a free estimate and if they don't that might be a red flag already. This allows you the opportunity to meet them first hand and ask any questions before you commit to signing any type of contract. See if they will be the person who will be on your property weekly, and if not try and meet the people that will. Your lawn care provider will get to know your property quickly and when you're home or not. If you can't trust them in person with you home, can you trust them on your property when your out of town?

4.) Check reviews online:

This day in age so many people are using social media. In a matter of minutes you can check online if they are reputable and trustworthy. Review sites like Google places and Yelp will bring up reviews from past customers along with a 1 to 5 star rating according to past work done. If you don't want to spend the time asking a neighbor, this is the second best way to find a little bit about what you're dealing with.

5.) Read the fine print:

Unfortunately this is where I have heard people getting into trouble. If you have to sign a weekly lawn care contract read the fine print. Make sure you are not locked into your contract in case the company is awful. Also make sure that the company is not going to charge you the regular rate during winter when the grass is not growing and they are now mowing on a weekly bases.