DG Installation in Reno

The time of year has come to start taking a look around your property and seeing what needs to be done. So this weekend stand out on your front porch as your grab your morning paper in your bath robe with a cup of coffee in hand and take a quick look at what might need to be done around your property before the mowing season starts. Most homes in Reno have parts of their property surrounded by Decomposed Granite (DG for short). Even if you didn't realize it, your property probably has DG somewhere on it, and although it is the lowest maintenance portion of landscape you have, it is something that still needs to be attended to every now and then. DG is Granite Rock that has decomposed over time, or been crushed down to become another type of low maintenance decorative rock that is used on most properties in Reno. The problem is, over time the DG decomposes even more and is either just blown away or thins out. Although it is not necessary to add more DG to your landscape it is a very easy process you can do on your own or hire someone to do beautify your property. For a nice clean look around your shrubs and perennials, it is recommended that you have between 1 1/2" - 2" layer of DG. This will last for several years and allow you to decoratively rake your DG so your landscape looks like the sand traps of a PGA golf course.

Cory's Lawn Service is currently adding DG to 15 homes in the northwest Reno area, and wanted to take a quick video of what we have done on a local customers property, to help beautify her desert-scape for years to come. If your DG coverage is looking a little thin please feel free to contact us for any help you might need.