Cory’s Lawn Service has been owned and operated in the Reno, NV area since 2006.

You'll receive quick communication, expert lawn care services, and 100% customer satisfaction.

Lawn services we're known for: Lawn Mowing, Yard Cleanup, Sprinkler Systems, Lawn Fertilization, Lawn Aeration, Snow Removal, but we would love to chat about any other at-home lawn care you may need.

We are one of the foremost leaders in the Reno-Sparks Area Lawn Aeration and Detaching industry. Not to mention we are consistently in the Top 5 Reno Lawn Care Service Operators since we opened!


Reno-Sparks Lawn Care Services


Lawn mowing

This is definitely what we do best. It is what our business has been built on, and something we pride ourselves in. However, Reno NV Lawn Mowing can prove to be a task only a professional should be handling. We guarantee an expertly trimmed lawn with edging and blowing included. Hire us and we’ll give you your weekend back!

Yard Cleanup

Anything from trimming your hedges or pruning your shrubs to general lawn cleanup. There is nothing like coming home to a great looking yard, let us help you get that yard back in BBQ shape!

Sprinklers Service

While we’re not in the installation business, we will adjust and inspect your sprinkler system. This can save you from potentially having to spend additional money on property that isn’t getting watered correctly.

Lawn Fertilization

Very few soils are healthy enough to supply the nutrients which healthy lawns need. We have the expertise to help you decide what you might need to get your lawn back on track.
Aeration and Dethaching can be an extremely vital element to any healthy lawn. Not sure what this is, or why you would need it? We would be happy to show you the countless benefits this dream will have on your lawn. 

Snow Removal

Reno gets a good amount of snow every year, and while playing in it can be fun- shoveling it is not. Give yourself and your kid neighbor a break and let a professional with years of experience handle pushing that snow around.