Reno Snow Removal (Video Blog)

If you live in Reno and over the years have been sick of the back breaking labor of shoveling snow, I have some suggestions of what snow blower you should buy. Our climate it doesn't necessarily mean you should go buy the biggest and best snow blower out. If you want to look at investing into buying a snow blower and want to get the most bang for your buck, watch our video blog for our recommendation. Although downtown Reno received almost no accumulation today, Summerset did get about 4" so Cory's Lawn Service was there to serve our customers. While I was out I wanted to attempt our first video blog which I hope to continue especially throughout the lawn season with lawn care tips, advise, and documentation with whats going on with our business. I hope to upgrade our video quality in the near future, but for any of you that do video blog or have any recommendation please leave a comment for us to help improve our production. [youtube][/youtube]