How To Tune Up Your Lawn Mower For Spring.

Even though your lawn mower has just been sitting these past few months in the garage, side yard, or shed, there are some basic tunes ups to consider before your try and start it up. Lets just be smart and think about this for a minute, the gas has been sitting in that tank for six months,  just like me you probably didn't change the oil or air filter at the end of the season,  and how about  that spark plug? These are 4 basic items that are super cheap, will help your mower start on the first pull, and significantly improve the life of your mower. Replacing these items are super easy so don't waste your time and money going down to your small engine shop to have them charge you $100.00 or more to do this quick 20 minute job. First of all find you lawn mower manual and if you lost it, just Google search ( "brand","your lawn mower serial number", "manual") ie (Toro, 9384751934, manual) and you should find it online. If you are like most people and bought your lawn mower at Home Depot or Lowe's, they most likely have spark plug and air filter packages you can buy together which makes it super easy. Since a picture is worth a 1,000 words I am guessing a how to video is worth way more than that. Since I just changed the oil, spark plugs, gas, and air filters on all my mowers, so I found a couple of quick video's from some experts at Lowe's that are simple and will help you step by step.