5 Steps to Activate Your Water

The most basic way to tell if you need help activating the water is determine if you know what the picture to the left is? Not a clue? Then yes you might need help turning your irrigation back on after a Reno winter. If this is something you want to be able to do yourself and have a similar system than these directions and video should be able to help you out. 1.) Tools:

To activate your water you will need a small to medium size flat head screw driver and a irrigation key that can be purchased at your local Home Depot.


2.) Test clocks:

This is where the flat head screw driver comes in handy. The two smaller valves that stick out of the back pressure system have spot where you will use the flat head screwdriver. During the winter these slits should be in parallel with the valve, but you will now want to close the valve by turning the screw driver a quarter turn until the slits are perpendicular with the ground.

3.) Open the valves:

Now you will want to turn the two large valves to be parallel with the pipe. In the picture above they are currently perpendicular with the pipe, so by using the picture as a reference you would want to twist both valves a quarter turn until in parallel with the pipes.

4.) Close drain valves:

In the video we are dealing with a two drain system. Your system might have more drain valves so you will want to make sure all drain valves are closed before activating the system. To close the drain valves you will need to use the irrigation key to turn the drain valve clockwise until it stops. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

5.) Activate the System:

Finally you will need to use the irrigation key one last time, but just like in the video below you want to turn the key counter-clockwise until the valve is fully open. At this point you should hear all the water fill the pipes and pressurize. If there are no leaks and all drain valves have been closed then this your system is good to go!