lawn damage

Re-seeding a lawn in Reno, NV with Scotts EZ Seed

This week I decided it was time to reseed my lawn because of damaged dog urination spots, digging, and general dog craziness. In the past, for small dog spots I have generally chosen to use Scotts EZ-seed. This product has worked great for me in the field for small bare spots, dog urination damage, and thin grassy areas. This time I decided to put Scotts EZ-seed to the test by applying a 20lb bag to an approximately 10'x10' bare patch to see if it is worth acquiring the $50.00 bag to fill in a larger damaged area. My hope in this process is to do one of two things:

1) Encourage home owners who may not have the know how or the resources to reseed a larger area by the traditional methods to use EZ-seed


2) To see if this product works best only in smaller areas and is therefore not worth the money to reseed a larger one.

The video below will show the complete process I undertook in using Scotts EZ-seed on my lawn. I used the EZ-seed in the proper manner, from the prep work to the watering, in hopes that this product does not disappoint. Since I have seen many of my customers use this product incorrectly, I wanted to make sure that I documented that I have done everything possible to ensure success in reseeding my lawn with EZ-seed. Although this product is expensive, I hope that in a short time I can come out heavily recommending anyone to use this product for larger reseeding areas, instead of the traditional methods.