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Reestablishing The Lawn Care Blog

Cory BettinghouseWell it has been over 9 months since Cory's Lawn Service has last blogged, and it is time to get back on the horse and try again. The purpose of this blog is going to be about lawn care, obviously. I want to provide my customers, and anyone else who wants to read, with information and tips about lawn care in Reno. I also want to discuss about Cory's Lawn Service as a local business in Reno, what we are doing, what service we are providing, and what things we are working on  to better serve our customers and community. Since starting Cory's Lawn Service in 2006 I have gone from knowing nothing about lawn care or owning a small business to currently having over 100 repeat customers yearly. Over the years I have sought out the tricks of the trade, advise from other local landscape companies, and learned some good old fashion trial and error. Ultimately I have learned to strive for outstanding customer service which translates first to having happy employees and owning up to my mistakes. I believe that it is specifically because of our customer service, that we have repeat customers year after year. Using this blog is another way that I want to continue our excellent customer service by letting people know what things they can do to help their lawns along with other valuable information, discussions, and tips.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Cory's Lawn Service blog. I know according to the calender we are still at the tail end of winter, but we look forward to the upcoming mowing season, along with helping you with anything that you might need done around your property. I am so appreciative of the customers year after year that trust and enjoy the work we do.