3 Tips for Hiring a Lawn Service Company


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Hello, my name is Cory Bettinghouse. I'm the owner of Cory's Lawn Service. Just giving you a quick message here today. Had a lot of people that are ready to sign up for lawn mowing services for this year to get stuff taken care of for them. Now, I've had either a lot of friends, or new customers, inquire about our services, and I just want to take a minute today for those of you that are looking for new services. Whether it's lawn mowing, landscaping, or whatever it might be for your outdoor needs, that you're finding someone that fits your needs. Hopefully it's us, but if it is not, I just want to give you some recommendations of what to do while searching for lawn care service.

Tip 1:  Ask Around for Review of Reputable Lawn Service Professionals

First of all, and foremost, that you want to make sure that the company that you're about to hire is reputable. Now, the best way to this is honestly through word of mouth. Ask your friends, ask your neighbors. Look at the properties around your house, who services them, and then get that company's information. Ask your neighbor if they are reputable, if they had been working with them for a long time, because this is your best source. Another good source for information is going online. Look for reviews, whether it's Google, Yelp, or Better Business Bureau. Any of those gives some good information of reputable companies.

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Tip 2: Rate Best Lawn Care by Customer Service

Number two that you want to look for is the customer service, and honestly this is a big one because a lot of companies out there just get really bogged down with their service that if you have any extra needs that it's really hard to be able to inquire about those needs. If there's broken sprinkler head, if there's a dead patch in your lawn, if the company's not mowing the right way that you want, you want to be able to communicate with someone whether it's an office staff or an owner to be able to get those needs met. So I can tell you right now with spring rush it's really hard to get a hold of a lot of companies if you give them a call.  If they don't answer your phone call, or they don't reply back, or send you an email back, then that kind of gives you a general idea of what their future might hold of if you have future needs.


Tip 3: Licensed and Insured Lawn Care Business

Number three. You really want to make sure that the people that are in on your property are licensed and insured. You never know what could happen, and God forbid a mower flings a rock into your house and breaks a window, and all of a sudden you're stuck with a company that has no way to insure that. Or even worse that there's that someone actually injures themselves and now they're on your property and if they don't have insurance to cover that you might be liable, so be very careful.

So those are kind of the top three things that I look for. Again, number one is a fact are they reputable. Whether it's online, or from referrals from your neighbors. Number two, do they have good customer service? I can tell you when you give that phone call, that initial shot, if they don't call you back right away, or they don't call you in a reasonable amount of time, you're kind of looking to what the service is going to be looking like for the future. And number three, are they insured? So hopefully we might be a good fit for you for this season. If not, then please take these tips and let it be a guideline for how you hire for your lawn service this season.